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Sloth debauchery

elettaria in ukvegans

Fabric which turns out to be vegan

If anyone was wondering whether cashmelon, also known as "acrylic wool", is vegan or not, apparently it is. I've just spoken to a retailer who checked with the manufacturer, and apparently someone finally ran tests on the stuff, which turns out to be mostly acrylic with a bit of cotton and nylon. Some people have been saying there's goats' hair in it, but this is not the case, I've now been told by several sellers. Apparently when you buy it as a retailer, the manufacturer asks you what you want them to put on the label, so you can label it as being any material that you want!

This makes me very happy, as I get unreasonably cold due to severe ME/CFS and have just acquired a fabulous huge blanket/shawl thing in this stuff which I've been living in. I'm now getting a dress, another shawl, and hopefully a lined jacket once they have more back in stock, from the lovely people at Mystical Mayhem Clothing.