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May. 20th, 2015

Sloth debauchery


Innocent veg pots are gone!

Innocent have stopped making Veg Pots and Noodle Pots. Someone from the company has left and set up Bol, producing the same sorts of things. Indeed, many of them look identical, in terms of product names, font, packaging and so forth (and presumably the same tiny font for the ingredients list), but they are not. Alas, he doesn't seem to like vegetarians, and has merrily put fish sauce in half the previously-vegan dishes, plus unnecessary honey in some more. Damnit, I liked those pots! Are any of the supermarkets producing something along those lines which is vegan?

Apr. 14th, 2015

Sloth debauchery


Warning about a dodgy company

I heard of TheVeganKind from a blog, and thought they sounded fun, so I set up a subscription to their food box. First of all they asked if I wanted to have one of a previous month's boxes instead, so I said "sure", thinking I'd help them out by using up their stock, but it ended up being two boxes and two charges. I thought it I must have misunderstood, and it's expensive to send things back in the post, so I left it. You don't get as much as they promise in the box, I ended up getting something like three tiny food items and a cheap fabric carrier bag with their name printed on it for £13. Then two weeks later I got an email saying "Your Payment Was Declined", big bold letters. Which wasn't the case at all, and it gets worseCollapse )

Nov. 11th, 2014

Sloth debauchery


Fabric which turns out to be vegan

If anyone was wondering whether cashmelon, also known as "acrylic wool", is vegan or not, apparently it is. I've just spoken to a retailer who checked with the manufacturer, and apparently someone finally ran tests on the stuff, which turns out to be mostly acrylic with a bit of cotton and nylon. Some people have been saying there's goats' hair in it, but this is not the case, I've now been told by several sellers. Apparently when you buy it as a retailer, the manufacturer asks you what you want them to put on the label, so you can label it as being any material that you want!

This makes me very happy, as I get unreasonably cold due to severe ME/CFS and have just acquired a fabulous huge blanket/shawl thing in this stuff which I've been living in. I'm now getting a dress, another shawl, and hopefully a lined jacket once they have more back in stock, from the lovely people at Mystical Mayhem Clothing.

May. 7th, 2014

Sloth debauchery


Good source for ankle boots?

I could do with some good flat ankle boots. The ones I have now have a slight heel and rather thin soles, and apart from anything else, I really need consistent heel height when I'm using the wheelchair. I'm looking for:

* ankle boots
* reasonably good quality (three pairs from Shoe Zone were hastily returned for this reason)
* size 3
* black or possibly brown
* fake leather rather than fake suede
* side zip
* relatively simple style
* not massively warm, I've already got fleece-lined fake-fur-trimmed winter boots (which are the delight of a friend's kittens)
* flat or near as damnit
* decent sole

Any ideas? I've been looking through Vegetarian Shoes and the like, but no joy.

Jul. 9th, 2013

Trans-friendly equal marriage symbol


Who's good for sandals?

I really need to get myself some summer sandals, it's so hot at the moment. I've been meaning to for, well, years. I'm looking for something more or less flat, size 3, no toe-post, comfortable, and a relatively flexible sole rather than one of those solid ones. I'm not going to post links as this community doesn't allow them, but right now I'm looking at the Venice from Ethical Wares, and possibly one of the strappy sandals from Vegetarian Shoes. Has anyone tried any shoes of this sort from either shop, and if so, what are they like? Is there anywhere else you can recommend?

Jun. 12th, 2013

Trans-friendly equal marriage symbol


Who does vegan pizza bases?

I have recently discovered the joy of making my own pizza. Not from scratch, I tried that once and it was a smidgen too joyous for me. But put assorted veg on a pizza base and I am a happy camper. Unfortunately, so far the only vegan pizza bases I have found are at Sainsburys. I can't stand shopping with them, they have various clever ways of removing things from your online shopping basket (apparently it is now a major crime to use the "back" button, for instance), the search function is unusable if you need to read the website with larger text, und so weiser. Generally I use Tesco. It sells a Napolina pizza base (search under "pizzeria") but I can't tell whether the margarine in it is vegan or not. Does anyone kinow? Failing that, are Asda any good, both in terms of pizza bases and in terms of having a website which doesn't play silly buggers?

Nov. 14th, 2012

Doctor Who | Ponds | Happy Together



Hi everyone!
So in my first couple of months, being vegan here has been more of an adjustment than I thought it would be, but happily I am back on track :)
I am curious, however, about the best places to buy nuts. I'm a grad student so money is extremely tight, and I basically live off of tesco everyday value ;) In my experience, some nuts will be cheaper than others (depending on place, back home in CA almonds are the cheapest) but everything here seems to be fairly comparable to each other in price.
I've yet to make it to Whole Foods, and normally I would think buying bulk is a great idea, but I'm doubting it'll save me any money considering the product I want specifically.
Particularly I'd like affordable almonds, cashews and (though I know this will never happen, as they're always pricey) walnuts.
Thanks for any tips and advice! :)

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Oct. 10th, 2012


Vegan in the Seychelles!

Hi all!

At the moment I'm looking into how on earth I'm going to survive as a vegan on a tiny island in the Seychelles for a month and a half this winter. I'm going over to do some conservation work with turtles, and although this is amazing work experience for zoologist me, I'm as usual worried I'm going to starve to death!

Situation currently is that there is no cooking facilities, only a canteen which doesn't do a vegetarian option, but does tend to serve a grain of some kind with each meal. My project manager, Dane, has asked around and has assured me the kitchen will be happy to help me get my hands on some staple ingredients, but some usual stuff is hard to get hold of, such as potatoes and onions. Tropical fruit is plentiful of course. He's also looking into getting me a hot-plate or microwave, and in our digs there is a kitchenette, but as far as I gather this is just a sink and fridge currently.

If Dane isn't successful in getting a hotplate in I was thinking about buying one of these off Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Designer-Habitat-Digital-Electric-Induction/dp/B0069KUR6C/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=12WMDIEW5EOCS&coliid=IUBM200NNYTDF

I'm also going to take a ton of staple foods with me, and so far I was thinking:

Powdered soy milk
Food bars
Instant noodles
Soy sauce
Powdered veggie burger/falafel mix

So my questions are..
Does anyone have any suggestions for what else I should take?
Can someone suggest a powdered soymilk brand that doesn't taste absolutely foul?
Any cheap places to buy food bars in bulk? (trek, clif, nakd etc.)

Cheers! x x o

Jul. 29th, 2012

Doctor Who | Ponds | Happy Together


Activism and Volunteering in London

Hi everyone!
I hope your summer has been fantastic! I'm moving to London in Fall and I will be in the Borough of Southwark area. Thanks to your help in a previous post, I am prepared for grocery shopping in London, but I have some new vegan concerns I was hoping to get some insights on :)

What organizations/places/events/etc. do you recommend for volunteering and participating in around the London area? I searched for animal sanctuaries around London and there were very few.

Does anyone have experience with certain animal rights or animal care-taking organizations or facilities that you would recommend being part of? (Shelters are fine too, though I'd prefer volunteering at no-kills.)

I really want to make a difference for animals in this world no matter where I am, and I'm sure London has to have the opportunities to do that, I just need to find them :)

Thanks so much!

Jul. 14th, 2012



(no subject)

Hi Guys

We've just purchased an ice cream maker and I'm looking for advice/recipes for making almond milk ice cream in one, i've googled but a lot of them seem to vary in the way they are done so i'm just getting a bit confused! if you have an tried and tested versions it would be much appreciated!!

Thanks :)

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