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Innocent veg pots are gone!

Innocent have stopped making Veg Pots and Noodle Pots. Someone from the company has left and set up Bol, producing the same sorts of things. Indeed, many of them look identical, in terms of product names, font, packaging and so forth (and presumably the same tiny font for the ingredients list), but they are not. Alas, he doesn't seem to like vegetarians, and has merrily put fish sauce in half the previously-vegan dishes, plus unnecessary honey in some more. Damnit, I liked those pots! Are any of the supermarkets producing something along those lines which is vegan?


I've never had one of the Innocent pots, but I used to get a couple of small M&S salad pots if I needed to buy food before catching a train. There'd be 2-3 vegan ones available and they were filling and nice. This was years ago, but I know they still have the same format at least.