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elettaria in ukvegans

Who's good for sandals?

I really need to get myself some summer sandals, it's so hot at the moment. I've been meaning to for, well, years. I'm looking for something more or less flat, size 3, no toe-post, comfortable, and a relatively flexible sole rather than one of those solid ones. I'm not going to post links as this community doesn't allow them, but right now I'm looking at the Venice from Ethical Wares, and possibly one of the strappy sandals from Vegetarian Shoes. Has anyone tried any shoes of this sort from either shop, and if so, what are they like? Is there anywhere else you can recommend?


I have a pair of Ash sandals from Freerangers (warning: autoplay music on the homepage). They have the same lightweight flexible sole and soft insole as most of their shoes, which is very comfortable. They fit well with two buckles each and I've never had any rubbing. I have them in daisy print, which comes with a light-coloured sole and looks very cute for something so practical.