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Hi everyone!
So in my first couple of months, being vegan here has been more of an adjustment than I thought it would be, but happily I am back on track :)
I am curious, however, about the best places to buy nuts. I'm a grad student so money is extremely tight, and I basically live off of tesco everyday value ;) In my experience, some nuts will be cheaper than others (depending on place, back home in CA almonds are the cheapest) but everything here seems to be fairly comparable to each other in price.
I've yet to make it to Whole Foods, and normally I would think buying bulk is a great idea, but I'm doubting it'll save me any money considering the product I want specifically.
Particularly I'd like affordable almonds, cashews and (though I know this will never happen, as they're always pricey) walnuts.
Thanks for any tips and advice! :)

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It would help if you say where you've looked already, and also where you are if you're interested in local recommendations. I get mine from a local healthfood shop which is cheaper than Holland and Barratt and does discounts on bulk orders. Other than that if I wanted a lot I'd be looking out for a scoop & save or seeing what's available online.