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to_my_wife in ukvegans


We're going to Leeds for a couple of days next month - where should we eat?


There's quite a few things listed on Happy Cow - http://www.happycow.net/europe/england/leeds/ :) The only three I've personally eaten at are Hansa's, Little Tokyo and Roots and Fruits. Hansa's make amazing curries and I love all of their desserts. Little Tokyo is a bit pricey but if you want Japanese food you'll remember it's wonderful. I wasn't as impressed with Roots and Fruits - it's nice enough but personally I feel it charges restaurant prices for cafe food. Out of this World (by the Corn Exchange) is a health food shop that has a deli counter that sells savories and cakes to take away. The carrot cake and chocolate cake are both delicious :)
Thanks for commenting! I've looked online but was hoping for personal recommendations, so I appreciate your opinions. I think Hansa's is a cert, but while I'm really into Japanese food the review I read about them feeding meat to a vegan has put me off Little Toyko!

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Oh no, I never knew that happened! Every time I've eaten there the staff have been very helpful and seemed to have a very good understanding of what a vegan diet entails but I can totally understand why that would put you off - it's put me off a little to be honest. Hope you have a great time in Leeds!